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A Look Back At The Games Featured In The Weekend Video Game Warrior Posts

With the year ending, it's time to reflect on 2019 and all the games we've played (ok...the first couple posts were from 2018). Here are the first five games that were featured in our weekly posts, The Weekend Video Game Warrior!


To start us off, the very first game that was featured in our weekly post was Assassin's Creed Odyssey. This game kept popping up in our list of games that we were playing. It was one of our favorite games of 2019.


The second game that was featured was the weird and wacky game, Nippon Marathon. The game provided some laughs, but in the end, it didn't provide interest for the long haul. Read our review here.


Voted the best fighting game for 2019, and for good reasons, Super Smash Bros Ultimate is truly...the ultimate fighting game. We sunk a lot of time into this one!


Holy smokes is this a large RPG! Hundreds of hours long, this should keep you busy for some time. The complete edition includes bonus scenarios and characters that were part of the DLC that was released on the Playstation 4.


Part strategy game, part platformer, this game is a love letter to SNES games. We had the opportunity to review it, and we loved it! Here is our review.




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