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Weekend Video Game Warrior #1

As we get closer to the holiday season, it's time to reflect on the year past and .... play some games! This is what we are playing, let us know what you are playing in the comments below!


Roger Reichardt - Gamerheads Podcast Co-Host/Reviewer

This weekend will be spent digging out my backlog - starting with Star I recently got new weapons for my Arwing so of course I need to take them out for a test run. I haven't given this game enough attention since picking it up on a Black Friday special. It's everything I wanted in a space ship shooter and then some!

I also picked up Super Smash Bros Ultimate - I am really enjoying the game, especially the single player story mode. I just want to unlock Simon Belmont, then I'll be happy.


Blue Williams - Gamerheads Podcast Co-Host/Reviewer

This weekend, I'm finally trying out the Sega Genesis Classics collection! The main menu looks like a kid's '90s bedroom, which I love. I mostly got this to play Toejam & Earl, but since I've never actually owned a Genesis, there are a ton of titles here that I can't wait to explore.


Christian Kobza - Site Contributor/Review Editor

This weekend I'll be conquering Ancient Rome one region at a time in Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The drip-fed trophies and excellent progression are keeping me motivated well after the 40 hour mark where there's still no end in sight.


Phil Hoff - The Phil and Roger Show Co-Host/Site Contributor

Over the weekend, I'll be continuing my trot through Red Dead Redemption 2. Having finished the "main" story, I'm galloping my way though the epilogue(s) to put the final bow on this game. However I doubt completion is anywhere near, as I tend to go off the beaten path to hunt/catch every legendary I see while continuing my quest for dinosaur bones.


Mike Ryan - The Controller Throwers Podcast Co-Host/Gamerheads Co-Host/Reviewer

This weekend, I'm going to continue trying to unlock fighters in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. I gotta find my main man Wario! I'm also so addicted to the Spirit Mode, and trying to collect all the Punch-Out spirits is rough! I will also continue my playthrough of Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. The game is really going down the hardcore path right now. Finally, I'll be messing around in Red Dead Redemption 2. As much as it aggravates me sometimes, I still keep coming back.



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