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A Brief Taste of Chaos: Exploring Touhou Mystia's Izakaya | PAX East

At PAX East, I had the opportunity to try out the demo for Touhou Mystia's Izakaya, which turned out to be the shortest demo experience I had at the event. This was disappointing, as I wanted to delve deeper into the game. It's a restaurant simulator where patrons enter the establishment with specific meal requests, and it's Mystia’s job to prepare those dishes. The art style and humor particularly stood out to me, sparking a desire to explore further what this game offers.

The game centers around Mystia, a character who opens her own restaurant. In the demo I experienced, only one customer arrived - a ravenous demon with an insatiable appetite. This encounter served as a tutorial for learning the various cooking techniques. My first task was to prepare a dish that required cooking in a pot. I had to gather the necessary ingredients from the cupboard, add them to the pot, wait for the dish to cook, and then serve it to the customer.

The next dish on my list had me put my grilling skills to the test. Following the previous routine, I collected the necessary ingredients from the cupboard, placed them on the grill, and waited patiently for the cooking process to complete. Once ready, I plated the dish and served it to the demon. The demo guided me through a few additional straightforward tasks before culminating in a humorous scene - the demon threw a comedic fit, Mystia and her friend reacted in a mix of shock and panic, and finally, the atmosphere dissolved into calmness as the demon swiftly reverted to a state of tranquility.

I have a feeling that the full game will include a phase where collecting ingredients is essential. Additionally, there will likely be numerous customers visiting Mystia's establishment. These are just my speculations at this point. Despite the short demo, it has sparked my curiosity and left me eager to explore what the full game has in store.



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