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Whacky Beat-Em-Up Bare Butt Boxing Punches it’s Way to Steam Early Access May 4

Bare Butt Boxing, the comically chaotic multiplayer brawler from AAA visual effects studio Tuatara Games, prepares to enter the PC ring via Steam Early Access on Thursday, May 4, 2023, followed by the full 1.0 release across PC, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4|5 later this year.

Travel the Earth and beyond as a gaggle of mischievous aliens with a taste for chaos and a killer competitive nature. Punch, pummel, and uppercut up to 5 fellow extraterrestrial brethren in local or online multiplayer matches. Sabotage friendships in vibrantly designed arenas and reign supreme as the true heavyweight champion.

Defy the laws to the land, gravity, and boxing by collecting various power ups to shock, explode and catapult opponents, leaving them seething with rage. Romp and bobble around obstacles, then strategically, or spasmodically, throw hands to deliver an instant K.O. Be the best butt standing when the bell sounds to rise to the top of the leaderboards, then gloat in the group chat.

At the core of Bare Butt Boxing is a powerful physics mechanic capable of sending foes thrashing across the map. Learn from every hearty blow to build a winning strategy that sends fellow opponents down for the count! Put loyalty and friendships to the test, in an amusing adventure that is fun for everyone!

“Get ready for a gleefully chaotic, free-for-all party brawl with all your mates in Bare Butt Boxing just in time for summer break,” said Klemen Lozar, founder of Tuatara Games. “Hours of laughter, and screaming, await in the high-energy scuffles that are about to ensue. The entire team is ecstatic for all of our fans to experience the intensely enjoyable matches that we’ve had developing over the past few years”

Wishlist Bare Butt Boxing now ahead of its Steam Early Access launch, and follow Tuatara Games across Twitter, YouTube, and Discord to stay up-to-date with news and console launch updates. To check out the rest of Tuatara Games’ portfolio, head to the official website.



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