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WARBORN now available physically for Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4

Turn-based mecha tactics at its finest!

PQube and developer Raredrop Games Ltd. are excited to release WARBORN physically on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 today! The turn-based tactics mecha game is now available in stores worldwide, including:

  • United Kingdom: Amazon

  • France: FNAC

  • Spain: GAME

  • US & Canada: Video Games Plus

Since its digital release, WARBORN already received a set of improvements based on community feedback, which adjusted the AI behaviour, unit balancing as well as the difficulty of the game. Check out the Launch Trailer:

Warborn features:

  • An exciting single player campaign with 40 missions

  • Four different factions led by commanders who each pilot unique units

  • Online multiplayer with crossplay between Nintendo Switch, Steam and Xbox One

  • A map editor to create and share your own battlefield

In Warborn, you assemble and command an army of elite units wearing technologically advanced suits of war, known as Variable Armour. Strategise from a top down view on various maps made up of different hexagonal terrain tiles, call the shots and watch the action unfold in dynamic mid-combat cutscenes!

Warborn is now available for:

  • Nintendo Switch & PlayStation 4: Digitally & Physically

  • Xbox One & PC/Steam: Digitally

For more information and the latest news, follow on Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, Instagram and our official website: Find the developers on Twitter (#WARBORN) or get all the latest updates on the Warborn Community Discord server:



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