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Review: SkyScrappers (Nintendo Switch Version)

SkyScrappers is a new challenger in the arcade action-style fighting genre. What makes this game different from many of the other games is that it is a vertically scrolling fighting game.  You choose between four different characters as you make you way to the top of the building, fend off your opponents, and avoid the burning debris from the building. SkyScrappers is a unique contender in the action-style fighting game, but will it rise to the top or crumble to the bottom?

The Tip and The Top

The game is really easy to pick up and learn.  There are essentially two buttons that are used, one to attack your opponent and one to jump.  The game does not require you to learn button combinations and because of this the game really allows anyone of any skill level to compete.

The gameplay is straight forward as well.  You have two different ways to win, either reach the top of the building first, or defeat your opponent in battle.  As mentioned earlier, the game is a vertical scrolling game and your character uses the falling debris as platforms to jump off of to make it to the top of the building.  Some of the debris are large pieces of scaffolding and as your character moves across the scaffolding, the weight of your character tips the balance of the debris, making one end go up as the other end goes down.  This mechanic of jumping from one piece of falling debris to another really gives the game a sense of a martial arts movie and this is what made the game so unique and different from the competition. The Nintendo Switch version also supports turning the Switch vertically, which is something that is unique in arcade fighting games on the Switch.

The four characters in the game are fleshed out through the interaction and dialogue between the characters. The game is full of humor and brings life to the characters in the game.  To see how each character interacts with each other before each fight was a real treat and added color to the overall experience of game play.

The Flip and The Flop

The game offers such a unique experience but lacks the number of different characters that are normally found in arcade fighting games. The characters that are in the game are great, but you can’t help but feel you want more.  The levels are pretty much the same too, apart from some background differences but because they aren’t much different, it feels you are just playing the same level as before.

While the simplicity of the controls are certainly the game’s strong suite, the game lacks differences between the character’s fighting styles, and this seems to be the consequence of the straightforwardness of the game.  Each character does have a special move, but all of the special moves are fundamentally the same. To trigger the special move, the player hits the jump button or attack button twice in a row; it would have been nice to see the special attacks be different between the characters and been able to utilize a different button for the special attacks.  A third button for the special attacks would not have taken away from the streamlined experience of the game, in fact, it may have made the special attack even more straightforward.

Final Thoughts

Skyscrappers does a nice job with capturing an arcade like feel.  The minimalist controls and the different ways to win a game make it easy for seasoned veterans and newcomers to jump into the game and feel like everyone is on a level playing field. The game also allows for local battles up to four players at once, which would make for a chaotic good time amongst your friends.

As mentioned earlier, it would have been nice to see additional characters to choose from and that each character would have a bit different fighting styles and special moves, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that this is a fun arcade game.  

Review code provided by Ground Shatter Games



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