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Let's! Revolution! Review - The King of Puzzle Games

Platform reviewed: Nintendo Switch

Also On: PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Steam

Price: $19.99

I'm hesitant about writing this review, given the prospect of facing repercussions from the King of Beebom and his enforcers. However, Let's! Revolution! is so exceptional that I’m willing to take that risk. The game masterfully combines gameplay, story, and animation within its roguelike puzzle framework, making it an experience too remarkable not to share.

One aspect of Let’s! Revolution! that I appreciate is its accessibility to players of all skill levels. For players seeking a challenge or a more relaxed experience, this game has something for everyone. For those looking for a challenge, there’s a new game plus feature for each of the six different characters. This feature is unlocked after defeating the king with the character. And for times when I want a more laid-back experience, there's the option to play in easy mode.

The procedurally generated puzzles ensure that each playthrough feels fresh and unique, keeping the gameplay experience unpredictable. Each level begins as the king soars into the scene, concealing himself within the puzzle. My task is to uncover the king's hiding spot, flipping over tiles while avoiding encounters with enemies, as each confrontation costs my character a heart. Each enemy uncovered is on a timer; failing to eliminate the enemy before the timer goes off will result in the character taking damage. Fortunately, the game equips characters with a handful of clever strategies to navigate and survive the challenges.

The first of these features of Let’s! Revolution! is the number on each tile that represents the amount of road pieces surrounding the square I am on; enemies only lurk on road pieces, so it’s important to know where the road pieces might be. This aspect is reminiscent of Minesweeper, a game I have never particularly enjoyed. However, Let’s! Revolution! resonated with me in a way that Minesweeper never did. Perhaps it is due to the game's narrative puzzle elements or maybe it is because of the action-packed gameplay that offers various strategies to navigate through the traps.

Another distinct feature is the combat. Each character boasts unique attacks or abilities designed to unveil hidden foes on the map, with each offering a distinct gameplay experience. The warrior, for instance, the initial character that is unlocked, executes sweeping attacks to expose the surrounding tiles. Their primary move, a roundhouse attack, simultaneously reveals and strikes any adversaries in all surrounding adjacent squares. Beyond mere attacks, there are weapons and upgrades available from in-game vendors, or discover additional equipment in treasure chests scattered across the map. Earning gold, essential for purchasing these items, involves finding chests or completing levels in specific manners. For example, while the warrior gains more gold by eliminating all enemies on the map, the assassin character, with a more stealth-oriented approach, is rewarded for leaving more tiles unexplored.

Weapons obtained through discovery or purchase in the game are consumable items, with a limited number of uses. The primary attack mode is powered by energy, which must be recharged before subsequent uses. The method of replenishing energy varies across characters. For instance, the warrior regains energy by navigating to safe squares, while the assassin's energy is replenished after each level. Certain characters present a higher level of challenge, leading me to favor the warrior in most of my gameplay. However, the diverse roster of characters encourages multiple play-throughs, offering fresh experiences each time.

Each run consists of multiple maps, with the final one facing off against the king. Unlike the previous maps, the king is visible and engages in the battle by moving to different spaces each time he takes damage. Additionally, he drops bombs while moving, adding an extra layer of difficulty. The king also has a timer, so failing to defeat him or reset his timer will result in taking additional damage.

Final Grade: A+

Let's! Revolution! is a masterpiece. I knew of its high praise before diving in, but experiencing it firsthand has been amazing. The game has features, including varied challenge modes, a diverse cast of characters, procedurally generated maps, and even daily challenges. All of these elements work together to maintain my interest and motivate me to go on additional runs. If you're searching for an action puzzle game, don't overlook Let’s! Revolution!

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