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SHATTERED HEAVEN Roguelike Alpha Mode Now Available

Shattered Heaven, the Italian deckbuilding dungeon crawler with role-playing and strategy mechanics set in a dark fantasy and post-apocalyptic universe, currently available in Early Access on Steam debuts the Roguelike Alpha mode for its second major content update. Developer Leonardo Productions (creators of investigative visual novel Dry Drowning), and publisher Leonardo Interactive, are pleased to introduce a new mode that aims to enhance the base game by offering a purely arcade-like and gameplay-focused experience.

Shattered Heaven's second Early Access update is now available for free and, in addition to the Roguelike Alpha mode, it will provide access to the following additional content:

  • A new progression system created specifically for the mode.

  • New passive skills for the characters, exclusive to the mode.

  • 3 new bosses with deadly new mechanics.

  • New equipable trinkets, exclusive to the mode.

  • A new type of power-up, RELICS, powerful items that will benefit the entire party.

  • New enemy encounter configurations.

  • Events with radically altered outcomes.

  • Dynamic changes to exploration based on victories gained in the mode.

The Roguelike mode challenges adventuring parties to face a series of procedurally generated levels where death is final. Players must to start the adventure all over again, losing most of the resources, if defeated in combat. To progress, learning through failure is the key to success, thanks to a high difficulty level designed to challenge hardcore players.

Shattered Heaven’s Early Access launch represents an unmissable opportunity for players to actively participate in its development. In fact, this month’s update represents a very important moment in the game's development as it enters full production. Now more than ever, the developers welcome feedback from users, allowing them to personally contribute to the completion of the final experience, which will be made available in Italian, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese as soon as possible.



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