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PAX West - First Look: Exploring the High Seas: Sail Forth DLC Introduces Maelstroms, New Ships

If you’ve read our review of Sail Forth, you know how high we were on the game. The chill experience, with some pretty cool epic battles and an open-world feel to the game, won us over. So when it was announced that the adventure would continue with DLC, I wanted to check it out.

The new update involves Maelstroms, huge whirlpools that appear on the map. Diving into the Maelstrom will take you to another map, and if you thought the battles were tough before, this new area provides much more of a challenge, but greater risks come with greater rewards.

The updates will also introduce new ships. There will also be a free update, separate from the DLC, allowing you to sail from island to island, which is a cool update. At present, you would need to open your map, choose the next island, and encounter a brief loading screen.

Sail Forth was located in the PAX Rising area, a section dedicated to games that are up and coming. And the booth truly stood out with its innovative setup that captured the essence of sailing. Attached to a boat steering wheel were Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, and this experience elevated the gameplay to a whole new level. This added to the already great experience of sailing on the open sea. As I chatted with David Evans, Sail Forth's creator, he revealed that the Joy-Con attachments were crafted using a 3D printer, and the ship steering wheel was purchased from Amazon. My interest was piqued when he mentioned the possibility of sharing the 3D file and the link to the steering wheel. Imagine how cool the experience would be to have this set up in your own home.

Sail Forth is available on Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Steam, and Epic Games. If you are a fan of Windwaker and are looking for an open-world sailing game, check out this game.


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