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How Let's! Revolution! Turned My Skepticism into Adoration | PAX East

At PAX East, one game caught me completely off guard; that game was Let's! Revolution! Although I was somewhat familiar with the game, having heard positive reviews and seen Jill Grodt from Indie Informer stream it, I was still skeptical due to the fact that I’m not a fan of Minesweeper. I questioned whether it would resonate with me. To my surprise, I couldn't have been more wrong. The game boasts incredible animation and offers gameplay that strikes a perfect balance between simplicity and challenge, captivating me instantly. As such, Let's! Revolution! earned one of The Gamerheads Podcast's Best of PAX East 2024 awards. It's truly exceptional.

Let’s! Revolution! offers a variety of characters to select from, each with distinct skills and movements. In the demo, the only available character was the warrior. Every puzzle is generated procedurally, ensuring a fresh experience with each playthrough. The gameplay is reminiscent of Minesweeper, where I needed to navigate to safe squares to uncover potential paths while being wary of hidden enemies lurking behind the road tiles, who would do damage if stumbled upon.

As previously noted, every character possesses unique abilities or attacks. Specifically, I frequently employed the warrior's roundhouse kick, effectively clearing the adjacent spaces. Should an adversary be concealed beneath any of these spaces, the roundhouse kick inflicted damage, often resulting in the enemy's defeat. However, executing these attacks depleted energy, and for the warrior, the sole method to replenish energy is by moving to other safe squares. This introduced a unique risk and reward dynamic, significantly enhancing the game's enjoyment beyond Minesweeper's.

The main objective of Let’s! Revolution! is to reveal the hidden king concealed behind one of the tiles. Once found, the king moves on to the next map. Along the way, I found stores and a gym where I could purchase more health, replenish arrows, or upgrade my attacks.

The animation in Let’s! Revolution! is stunning, thanks to the expertise of Buck, the studio responsible for the visually captivating "Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse," "Love, Death, + Robots," among others. What astonished me about the game was its remarkably short development period. Conversations with the developers revealed that collaborating with Buck significantly accelerated the asset creation process. This was largely due to the proficiency of their animators, enabling the entire development cycle to be completed within just 18 months.

Let's Revolution! is available on Steam, with a console release date set for April 11th. If you're searching for a captivating and visually stunning rogue-like puzzle game, Let's Revolution! is the perfect choice.


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