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Gripper, the High Octane Cyberbike Boss Gauntlet, is Heading to Steam Next Fest

Gripper is a sci-fi action title set in a collapsing world of rogue AI and terrifying machines. Playing as the Cyber-biker None alongside his companion Cat-Kit, players quickly discover that one of these AI named Zero seems to be at the heart of not only the world's deterioration, but also the disappearance of None’s parents. So it's time to speed through what remains of reality, smashing through any challenges in the way, and upgrading your gear to try and take down the mechanical monstrosity that is Zero.

Key Features of Gripper Include:

  • Grip and Tear Until it is Done: Utilize your Cyberbike grappling hook to tear apart intimidating bosses of all shapes and sizes.

  • Love the Smell of Burning Rubber: Speed your way through intense tunnel riding tracks, dodging hazards and pitfalls at breakneck speeds.

  • Family Comes First: Live through a story of a broken family, and the trials and tribulations of putting it back together.

  • Welcome to the Future: Experience an entrancing blend of visual splendor and synth beat sounds that immerse you in a truly alien world.



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