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Review: Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle

Available on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam, Google Play and Apple App Store

The hit game Friday the 13th: Killer Puzzle slashed its way onto Xbox One this past week (Sept. 18th). Brought to you by Blue Wizard Digital (makers of Slayaway Camp, Peggle and Plants vs Zombies), this game offers Xbox One gamers a puzzle gaming experience unlike any other.

You take on the role of Jason Voorhees and get revenge in the form of an isometric puzzle game. With 150+ levels set in twelve locations full of helpless victims, you’ll travel everywhere from classic Camp Crystal Lake to Outer Space. As you increase your “Body Count” and “Blood Lust” level, players are able to unlock new levels, Jason skins, and many unique weapons to decimate those in their way.

The levels are set up like a grid in which Jason can move in a horizontal or vertical line to overcome obstacles and move in on his victims. But be careful! Jason only stops when he hits the end of the level or an object, some of which (like fire or water) can potentially kill him. So choose your path carefully as you risk inadvertently sending the legend to his doom. This is where the puzzle element comes in! When you come face to face with your victim, a fun animation scene will trigger in which Jason dispatches his target with whatever weapon he's holding in a hilarious display of crazy cartoon gore. Take out all the people on screen and a "Final' victim will appear. Getting to them unlocks a fun mini game requiring the player press a button when the cursor is aligned just right for the final kill!

Other modes available include

Daily Death - A daily mission where you can unlock the Cyber Jason skin after 13 days

Murder Marathon - How many can you kill? Go for the longest streak in the “Final Kill” mini game! It has unlockable rewards and a kicking 80’s inspired soundtrack!

Final Grade B+

I really love this game! If you are a fan of the Friday the 13th Franchise or just like puzzle games give this a shot. It has great humor, addictive gameplay and a style that fits and is equally fun. The challenge increases with new obstacles to avoid or only so many turns to complete a stage. Touches like tutorial and tips are from his Mother's severed head and a pause option is simply hearing the iconic “ki ki ki ma ma ma” sound effect. With a ton of levels and content like weapons and skins to collect, I can see myself coming back to this one for a long time to come.


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