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Evolution: Climate Heats Up Nintendo Switch, Steam with Definitive Release of Digital Board Game

Evolution: Climate, the strategy game bundle offering game-changing weather events and mighty temperature shifts, releases today on Nintendo Switch™ and Steam for PC and Mac. The bundle contains the original strategy game of adaptation, Evolution Board Game, and its new Climate expansion. Owners of Evolution Board Game can upgrade to this ultimate edition by purchasing the Climate expansion separately.

Based on the award-winning board game praised by players and tabletop critics alike, Climate ushers in a new era of strategy by introducing harsh weather conditions, Events, and the Climate Track to Evolution, impacting creatures in numerous ways. With temperature variations ranging from Scorching Hot to Ice Ages, influence the Climate Track to benefit your species and catch opponents unprepared.

New Traits tailored around survival in extreme heat and frigid temperatures give species a chance to thrive in Climate’s newly demanding weather conditions. Boost food availability, grant defensive bonuses against fearsome predators, and more, all while weathering dramatic—and potentially catastrophic—weather events like Meteorites, Wildfires, and more.

Every card in Climate is hand-painted in North Star Digital’s gorgeous watercolor style, offering a visually striking, strategically rich expansion for making creatures of near-limitless variety to the base Evolution experience.

Climate is all about adapting to change in a difficult world,” said Scott Rencher, co-founder of North Star Digital Studios. “With the introduction of weather-based effects into the base Evolution experience, the possibilities for memorable, narrative driven stories of survival have never been greater.”

Key new features for Climate include:

  • Adapt species for sweltering heat and blistering cold with 6 new survival Traits

  • Influence the Climate Track to swing from Scorching Hot to Ice Ages, creating favorable conditions for your own species and killing off opponents’

  • Prepare for randomized events that activate at certain points on the Climate Track, upending gameplay and demanding new strategies

Face off locally or online* against friends and foes with skill-based matchmaking or private games. Cross-play between the Nintendo Switch and Steam versions of Evolution: Climate alongside real-time, asynchronous, and pass-and-play modes offer a wealth of options for playing together.

The Evolution: Climate bundle is now available on Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC and Mac. Purchase it for $24.99 on Nintendo Switch and $19.99 on Steam, or get the Climate expansion standalone for $9.99 on each platform. Owners of Climate or Evolution on Steam or Switch will also receive the respective game free on mobile devices when those versions launch in the future.

Play Climate, and now Evolution, in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Russian, Thai, Swedish, Danish, Chinese (Simplified), Portuguese or Dutch.

For more news about Evolution: Climate, and other projects from North Star Digital Studios, follow the team on Twitter and Facebook or visit the official website.


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