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Deliver Poetic Justice in Dante Unbound this March, New Abilities Detailed in Warframe Devstream

Dante, Digital Extremes’ 56th Warframe, received a full ability showcase in its monthly Devstream today alongside a new mission type reveal,  and more specifics for Warframe Inaros’ rework, among other quality-of-life improvements. Kicking off celebrations for Warframe’s 11th Anniversary, the dev team also detailed plans to celebrate in-person at PAX East next month.Highlights from the stream include:

Warframe Dante, the master of reality’s pages, summons his own Exalted Weapon, the devastating Tome called Noctua, to replace any currently equipped secondary weapon. Cast Light or Dark Verses to increase allies’ max health or draw blood-slashing needles to inflict Slash Damage on nearby enemies. Inspired by classic MMO casters, the pattern of abilities used changes the spell combo’s ultimate finishing ability, Final Verse; either granting allies their own limited run copies of Noctua or summoning Paragrimms, giant owl-like creatures, to fight alongside you.

Dive into Deep Archimedea, the latest mission type. This is an amalgamation of three different existing mission types that must be played in succession with no breaks. The composition of Deep Archimedea will change every week, offering endless new challenges to overcome for some of the best in-game rewards to date.

Seek out the new Murmur faction enemy, greedy loot goblin Gruzzling, to steal its bountiful bundle of goodies ripe for your taking. Fresh weapons will also be available to grab in the Entrati Disruption mission, ARMATUS: the melee fist weapon, Ruvox, and the secondary arm-cannon, Onos.

The living sandstorm Warframe, Inaros, dusts off a fresh rework to obtain a more engaging passive ability, guaranteed status effect triggers, and overall changes to his base kit. Notable changes include separating the Scarab Armor mechanic into its own ability, replacing Devour with an improved Sandstorm touting faster summoning and movement speeds, and, most notably, granting the Scarab Swarm ultimate a chance to summon sandy friendlies into the fray.

Come join the next Devstream in-person at PAX East to meet the dev team as well as the lead voice of Arthur in the upcoming Warframe: 1999, Ben Starr (Final Fantasy XVI). The PAX Edition Devstream will air live on both PAX and Warframe Twitch channels on Friday, March 22 at 3 p.m. ET. There will be more major announcements to look forward to celebrating 11 years of Warframe, including what comes next for the game’s story before things kick back all the way to the ‘90s later this year.

“It's been over five years since we went to a PAX!” said Megan Everett, Community Director. “Celebrating our 11th Anniversary there feels like the perfect way to reconnect with our Tenno again in-person. We are bringing tons of Dante and 1999 info nuggets to share at our panel and great vibes for our sold-out TennoVIP community event.”



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