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Death Trick: Double Blind Review - A Masterclass in Mystery Games

Platform reviewed: Nintendo Switch

Also on: Steam

Price: $15.99

I truly adore a compelling mystery, and "Death Trick: Double Blind" does not disappoint. The game excels in character development — each suspect is a masterpiece in writing and vivid imagery. The choice of a circus as the backdrop injects a delightful and whimsical charm into the narrative. It's evident that a significant amount of research went into this game, enriching the story and the world it’s creating. "Death Trick: Double Blind" has quickly become one of my favorite visual novels.

A murder has taken place, and the victim is none other than The Amazing Hattie, one of the most renowned traveling circus magicians. The responsibility falls on me to unravel the mystery behind her disappearance. In Death Trick: Double Blind, the game presents a unique challenge - I have only a limited amount of time to crack the case.The investigation unfolds in an interesting way, with my interactions with the suspects being divided into two distinct parts. First, conducting interviews as Jackie, a magician with apparent ties to The Amazing Hattie. Jackie goes as far as impersonating Hattie to deceive the circus audience and win over the trust of the other performers/suspects. I also engaged the suspects as Detective Jones, a private investigator hired by Mr. Moses Morgan, the circus owner, to investigate the murder. Initially, I was concerned that this division of focus might disrupt the flow of the narrative. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it worked. Jackie's approach is casual and intimate, providing a different perspective on the case. Whereas, Detective Jones brings a more methodical and analytical approach to the investigation. This contrast kept me engaged throughout my time with the game and allowed me to approach the problems in different ways. I might learn something playing as Jackie, and then dive into that deeper as Jones.

The standout feature of "Death Trick: Double Blind" lies in its masterful character development. Engaging with each character not only brings them to life but also unveils their unique possible motives behind Hattie's murder. The game leans into the vibrant backdrop of a circus, creating an intriguing list of characters and offering a dynamic playground for narrative exploration. Characters range from Aideen, the seductive fire dancer, to Echo, the mysterious and curt puppeteer; there are eight suspects. What captivates me the most is the depth of interaction available with each character. The game offers extensive dialogue options, where each choice—be it an object, a statement, or picking a suspect to probe further—leads to new plot twits to explore. I was challenged to think strategically about whom to engage with next and what topics to ask about. This abundance of dialogue options, coupled with a wide array of suspects, gives the game an open-world feel.

Jackie and Jones each begin with five action points, which they can utilize to interrogate suspects, inquire about discovered objects, or scrutinize statements made. By accomplishing tasks, both characters can earn experience points. These experience points can then be exchanged for additional action points.

Part of being a skilled detective is uncovering lies told by suspects, and this is where the contradiction mechanic becomes essential. When a suspect's statement contradicts evidence already gathered, a yellow exclamation point alerts me to the inconsistency in their story. This mechanic enables me to highlight two conflicting pieces of information and prompt the suspect to provide clarification, leading to updates in their account of events.

The game is filled with numerous twists and turns, and while I won't spoil one of the most significant plot developments, I will say that, when it unfolded, it brought a huge smile to my face. This particular moment highlighted the game's creativity and exceptional writing, underscoring its narrative brilliance. The final act is where all the pieces fall into place, prompting me to don my deductive reasoning hat to uncover the identity of the murderer. Although the perpetrator remains constant, the narrative offers multiple endings, inviting additional playthroughs.

I noticed a few minor spelling mistakes while playing the game, but they didn't detract from the overall enjoyment.

Final Grade: A

I absolutely adore Death Trick: Double Blind. The writing and character development in this game are truly exceptional, drawing me in from the very beginning. The story is gripping and filled with unexpected plot twists. And the art is simply stunning, adding another layer of depth to this amazing game.

It's hard to believe that just two people created this masterpiece. If you have a passion for mysteries, I highly recommend giving Death Trick: Double Blind a try;  you won't regret it.


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