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Celebrate the spooky season with Sunshine Manor - Out Today!

Today, Friday October 6th, 2023, indie publisher Hound Picked Games, and developer Fossil Games, are excited to announce that today sees Sunshine Manor release on PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One, Series S & X and Nintendo Switch! Just in time for the Halloween season!

About Sunshine Manor

In Sunshine Manor, players adopt the role of Ada McReady who, unfortunately and against her will, gets trapped in Sunshine Manor whilst out trick or treating. It is not a place where most folks would want to be. Its long dark corridors dripping with cobwebs, creaking floorboards and unwelcoming atmosphere hang heavy. Ada has only one recourse: to get the ‘hell’ out of this nightmare as fast as possible!.

As Ada tentatively explores the manor, you’ll meet ghosts, battle demons (some more friendly than others) and attempt to stop whatever is happening in the old Aitken house. As always with good versus evil, Ada has plenty of her own tricks to even things up with psychic powers that can banish demons for good!

Sunshine Manor offers twists, turns, blood, mystery and lots more once the door SLAMS behind you!

Game Features:

  • An original 1hr 22m soundtrack written exclusively for the game

  • A dark, involved and outright weird story that builds to the events of the infamous Camp Sunshine massacre!

  • Beautiful hand-drawn 8 bit-esque pixel art

  • Inspired by classic horror movies of the 1980s and beyond.


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