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Weekend Video Game Warrior #8

Here it is, your weekend video game warrior issue number 8! This is what we are playing, what are you playing?


Roger Reichardt - Gamerheads Podcast Co-Host/Reviewer

Having finished Mages of Mystralia, I now turn my attention to Airheart: Tales of Broken Wings and will try to fit in some Wargroove as well. Anyone else playing Wargroove, maybe we can get a game session going?


Blue Williams - Gamerheads Podcast Co-Host/Reviewer

This weekend, I am playing (you guessed it) Kingdom Hearts III! I'm 30 hrs in and really, really loving it. Not sure if I'm closing in on the end yet, but even if I am, there is still so much left to be done by way of sidequests--which is a good thing becauseI don't want this to end yet!


Mike Ryan - The Controller Throwers Podcast Co-Host/Gamerheads Co-Host/Reviewe

This weekend, I will be playing some Red Dead Online as per the norm. It's like a train wreck: I want to turn away from it but I just can't! In addition to that I'll be getting in some Super Smash Bros Ultimate (gotta take advantage of that Mega Man spirit event) and playing some more Celeste. All that and watching movie trailers during the Super Bowl.


Christian Kobza - Site Contributor/Review Editor

After adding the platinum trophies for Burly Men at Sea, Tacoma, and Need for Speed (2015) to my collection last weekend, I'll spend this weekend finishing off Kingdom Hearts 3 and transitioning into the post-game as I chip away at its trophy list.


Phil "The Chef" Hoff - The Phil and Roger Show Co-Host/Site Contributor

Having accidentally discovered Yoku's Island Express the other day, I have a feeling most of my time to game this weekend will be devoted to that. If I get lucky, and decide against sleeping, I'll squeeze in a couple of missions of Ace Combat 7 or start Wargroove.


Tell us what you are playing in the comments below.



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