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Weekend Video Game Warrior #73

The weekend is finally here! It's time for another Weekend Video Game Warrior!


Roger Reichardt - Reviewer/Host of The Dialog Tree Podcast/Co-Host of The Nindie Focus Podcast

I'm really enjoying Super Mega Baseball 3 and will continue the season in the franchise I started. I also picked up the hilarious What the Golf on the Switch. The game play is so unique and incorporating daily challenges has me coming back to participate every day. How someone was able to complete the daily challenge in 6 strokes is beyond me!


Phil Hoff - Reviewer/Site Contributor/Co-Host of The Nindie Focus Podcast

This weekend I will be sinking my teeth in to a game that I have been looking forward to since it has been announced. Today (Friday) the action RPG where you play as a shark seeking revenge against a Fishman that killed your mother comes out. Holy crap have I been looking forward to Maneater! The sheer crazy ridiculousness of this game has captivated me since it was announced. I have faith that it will be stupid amazing and can't wait to dive in. Gotta go!


Christian Kobza - Site Contributor/Review Editor

I managed to successfully finish Yakuza Kiwami 2 last weekend, and I figured I’d use the recent announcement of a new Paper Mario game as an excuse to finally play some of the series. I completed the N64 original earlier in the week, so this weekend it’ll just be me, a GameCube, and the Paper Mario game I’ve heard nothing but good things about for over a decade and a half - Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Kyle Federline - Site Contributor/Host of Parent Quest/ Co-host of The Spectacular Comic Book Podcast/ Co-host of the Real Dudes Podcast

After successfully completing “Let’s Deliver a Baby” I’ve moved on to downloading “Golf With Your Friends”. I have no idea what I’m in for but it sound chaotic and fun. I’m sure I’ll be tearing up the turf some more in Rocket League and I’ve got a Zoom date with some friends to play Exploding Kittens on iOS.


Karrington Martin - Site Contributor/Co-host of the Real Dudes Podcast

I'm playing realMyst right now as well as PSO2.


Mike Ryan - Reviewer/Site Contributor/Host of The Controller Throwers Podcast/Co-Host of the Nindie Focus Podcast

This weekend, having been inspired by Animal Crossing, I will be working on real life home improvements. Other than that, I will probably put some more time into Resident Evil 6 and Tetris 99


Jordan Lemos - Co-Host of the Nindie Focus Podcast

This weekend, I'll continue trying to solve a murder in Deadly Premonition, getting saltier than the ocean in Valorant, and relaxing on far away planets in Astroneer.



That's what we are playing. What are you playing? Let us know in the comments below!



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