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Weekend Video Game Warrior #70

Here's another edition of the Weekend Video Game Warrior!


Roger Reichardt - Reviewer/Host of The Dialog Tree Podcast/Co-Host of The Nindie Focus Podcast

I have two games that I want to focus on this weekend. The first is Streets of Rage 4. My goodness, what a beautiful looking game. I made it through the first two bosses and I'm enjoying every minute.

The other game is of course, Animal Crossing. If I don't work to get KK Slider to my island, who will?


Phil Hoff - Reviewer/Site Contributor/Co-Host of The Nindie Focus Podcast

This weekend is the weekend that I grow up (damn it) and quit playing games. I'm tired of their seductiveness and luring in with their pretty graphics, fun game-play, and storytelling that takes me out of real life.

Ok fine... this weekend, I'll be hitting up all of the usual suspects, MLB the Show 20, Overwatch, and Car Soccer. There will more than likely be some Broforce sprinkled in, and I think it's time that I start a new single-player game, but am not sure where I want to start that at.


Mike Ryan - Reviewer/Site Contributor/Host of The Controller Throwers Podcast/Co-Host of the Nindie Focus Podcast

This weekend I will celebrate May Day with my usual Animal Crossing playtime. I will also get into either the 2nd play-through of Resident Evil 2 or start Resident Evil 6, and I'm hankering to replay an old classic racer: Flatout 2.


Christian Kobza - Site Contributor/Review Editor

I managed to make it most of the way through Gears Tactics earlier in the week, so I plan on polishing that off this weekend, and I'll be getting deeper into my hard mode playthrough of FF7 Remake.


Jordan Lemos - Co-Host of the Nindie Focus Podcast

According to my monthly Switch playtime, I played Animal Crossing: New Horizons every day in April. I'll be continuing that into May, especially now that I've gotten rid of that ugly fool, Barold. I'll also be playing more Valorant like I've also done daily, plus some Deadly Premonition on Switch and the FFVII: Remake. Clearly a busy weekend!


Kyle Federline - Site Contributor/Host of Parent Quest/ Co-host of The Spectacular Comic Book Podcast/ Co-host of the Real Dudes Podcast

This weekend I’m dedicating some gaming time with my daughter. We are currently working through Paw Patrol: On a Roll! While the game is extremely simple and very repetitions, it has taught my littler girl how to operate and properly hold a controller while playing as here favorite Paw Patrol characters. When she gets bored with it I’ll switch over to Animal Crossing and visit the museum which she loves to look at. Once the family goes to sleep I’m sure I’ll be tearing up the turf in some Rocket League with Phil the Chef which we’ve been entertaining the idea of streaming our late night shenanigans.


That's what we are all playing. What are you playing? Let us know in the comments below!



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