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Weekend Video Game Warrior #63

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

What a crazy week! Stay safe everyone! Now it's time for another edition of The Weekend Video Game Warrior!


Roger Reichardt - Reviewer/Site Contributor/Host of The Dialog Tree Podcast

I'll be playing some RoundGuard. I'm really enjoying the game - it has some pinball mechanics, some RPG elements, and overall, just a cute game. Other than that, I'll be continuing to explore the ruins for La-Mulana, which just came out on the Switch. Expect a review soon!


Phil Hoff - Reviewer/Site Contributor

Finally having wrapped up Mafia 3, I'm going to be continuing going through the backlog. First up will be the Ratchet and Clank Reboot. Loved the original ones so this should be a fun fast playthrough. There's a new event going on in Overwatch so there will be some putzing around in that, and I'll probably spend a little more time with Call of Duty: Warzone as well.


Mike Ryan - Reviewer/Site Contributor/Host of The Controller Throwers Podcast

Now that I'm done with Leon's story, it's time to see how Claire survives the zombie apocalypse in Resident Evil 2. I also plan to finally get to some DOOM on the Switch, and fit in some RBI baseball while I'm at it. Lord knows I can't get my baseball fix any other way...


Christian Kobza - Site Contributor/Review Editor

Having just finished Ori and the Will of the Wisps, I'll be spending this weekend in a Rare Replay rabbit hole. I got all the achievements for the first five games in the collection, but there are still 15 games to go! I'll also undoubtedly be playing a few rounds of Call of Duty's new battle royale mode every now and then as a palette cleanser.


That's what we are playing, what are you all playing? Let us know in the comments below!



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