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Weekend Video Game Warrior #39

Summer is over and over the next few months are going to be busy with the amount of games going to be releasing before the end of the year. But it's the calm before the storm, and here is what we are playing this weekend.


Roger Reichardt - Gamerheads Podcast Co-Host/Reviewer

I'm reviewing Creature in the Well, and I am absolutely loving this game. Mix pinball with an action RPG game, and you have me hooked. You can check out our Twitch channel ( to check out some game play.

Other than that, I plan to get some more Astral Chain in and continue to unravel the mystery of Telling Lies.


Blue Williams - Gamerheads Podcast Co-Host/Reviewer

What can I say? I think exploring the map of Assassin's Creed Odyssey may never end. I've been doing this for so long, I hardly remember my past life. What does my family look like? I think I had a name once...


Mike Ryan - Gamerheads Co-Host/Reviewer

This weekend, I will get back into Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, work on my brand-spankin' new Daily Challenges in Tetris 99, and if I can find it at GameStop, grab Alan Wake. October is coming after all!


Christian Kobza - Gamerheads Co-Host/Site Contributor/Review Editor

With Control and Astral Chain both finally beneath my belt, I'm going to be finishing off Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon once and for all.


Phil "The Chef" Hoff - The Phil and Roger Show Co-Host/Reviewer

This weekend, I will be continuing to saw my way through the hordes in Gears of War 5. On the side I'll probably continue packing away at Super Mario Odyssey, playing Overwatch, and still debating what single player game to fire up next. Suggestions?


That's what we are playing, what are you all playing? Let us know in the comments below.



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