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Weekend Video Game Warrior #26

This is the weekend before E3! Here is what we are playing.


Roger Reichardt - Gamerheads Podcast Co-Host/Reviewer

I'm reviewing Assassin's Creed 3 on the Switch. I've never played the game before, and while it has some flaws on the Switch, I'm still enjoying my time with it. I also downloaded Slay the Spire. This is one game that I have been looking forward to for a while, and I'm glad I'm finally able to play it on the Switch!


Blue Williams - Gamerheads Podcast Co-Host/Reviewer

So it turns out that my husband is betterthan me at Team Sonic Racing. This cannot stand. I will be practicing. Also spending time with Super Cane Magic Zero.


Mike Ryan - The Controller Throwers Podcast Co-Host/Gamerheads Co-Host/Reviewer

This weekend I'll be doing a lot of walking. I'm so close to evolving my Magikarp in Pokémon Go, and there's an event that gives 4x candy. I'll also continue playing Spider-Man, and some Tetris 99.


Christian Kobza - Gamerheads Co-Host/Site Contributor/Review Editor

With the platinum trophy for the original Bioshock fresh in my collection, I'll be spending this weekend with a huge headset strapped to my face after just picking up Blood & Truth, Tetris Effect, and Superhot VR. Goodbye, real world!


Phil "The Chef" Hoff - The Phil and Roger Show Co-Host/Reviewer

This weekend I'll be playing, heck I don't even know. It's double XP in Overwatch, and there's always the Show sitting there. I really need to start something new. Maybe Far Cry 5?


Landon Burlingham - Reviewer

I’ll be playing JetSki driving simulator but only it won’t be a simulator it’ll be the real thing.


This is what we are playing, what are you playing? Let us know in the comments below.



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