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Unveiling the Enchanting World of Mirthwood: A Deep RPG Providing a Unique Experience | PAX West

Mirthwood, a charming RPG, captivated me with its deep lore and intricate mechanics and mesmerized me with its sheer beauty. When I delved into the realm of Mirthwood, I had no idea what to expect, but it instantly hooked me. It earned our prestigious Gamerheads Podcast Best of PAX West 2023 award.

The character creation is rather deep. You start with the character's appearance, although there are fewer options than I hoped. However, since this is a demo I played, I expect more options will be available in the full version. The most fascinating aspect lies in the character's background, where you select between being a peasant, nobility, or royalty. Additionally, you choose from numerous professions. During my time with the game, I selected the profession of an actor and chose to be a member of nobility. Each decision made during character creation affects the overall stats, with some adjustments being positive while others are negative.

The exploration intrigued me the most because I could do and find so much, even in the game's demo. I discovered the first quest: to follow the road to the neighboring town. However, I chose to explore the surrounding area instead. I stumbled upon a person impaled into a tree with a sword, and a note beside the man indicated his desire to be buried with his sword. You can either bury him with his sword or take the sword for yourself. The choices you make will impact your character's morality.

In the game, you will also encounter numerous NPCs, providing you with many options for interacting with each one. I encountered a sad character and cheered him up by telling him jokes. Furthermore, you can choose to tell a dirty or clean joke. Additionally, you can inquire about rumors, which will unlock side quests for you. The world feels alive because of all the different NPCs you encounter. A lot of love went into crafting the world of Mirthwood.

The leveling system is also unique - it awards a skill card after using a skill a certain number of times. You decide how to build your character, as you can only hold a limited number of skill cards. I didn't experience much of the leveling system due to my limited time with the game, but I could tell it's an intricate system.

What I love about Mirthwood is that you can customize your character and play the game however you want. This game offers so much to do; it truly unfolds your story. This is what makes Mirthwood such an amazing game. I feel like I only scratched the surface in the demo, and I can’t wait to play more.

You can add Mirthwood to your wishlist on Steam.



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