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Unleash Your Inner Rhythm with Beat Slayer, Releasing This April on Steam

Beat Slayer, the action-packed roguelite rhythm game from Berlin-based developer studio ByteRockers' Games, will be released for PC on Steam on April 4th, 2024.

The fun hack'n'slay captivates with its pulsating beats, action-packed sequences and quirky humor. The musical odyssey, whose soundtrack was created in collaboration with the German Babelsberg Film Orchestra, among others, takes players to a fictional, dystopian Berlin in the 1990s, where there is only one rule: Stay on beat! Check out the Beat Slayer demo - now available on Steam just in time for Steam Next Fest!

In Beat Slayer, tough music lover and tinkerer Mia faces off against former musician and villain Dietrich, who rules the shabby streets of the city with an iron fist and his robot hordes from the TV Tower. Accompanied by a full voiceover in German and English, the gameplay focuses on the music and is packed with lots of cool moves; the better the player’s attacks groove to the rhythm of the soundtrack, the more smoothly Mia turns her opponents into scrap metal. ​ Players who have difficulties with the beat or are hearing-impaired, can also activate various rhythm assistance features if required.

Every run will play differently and offer hours of exciting fun thanks to a range of weapons and upgrades such as fire, electricity and viruses, which are unlocked in the course of the game, and challenging boss battles each with their own unique atmosphere, challenges and melodies.

The release of Beat Slayer is in tune with the times. In a representative online survey conducted by YouGov Deutschland GmbH on the subject of video game music in November 2023, 51% of respondents said that they attach great importance to music in games and that it emphasizes the action and atmosphere in the game. The collaboration with the Babelsberg Film Orchestra came to life through the Live Score Berlin initiative by the game audio experts at Audio Creatures GmbH.

Beat Slayer was supported by the German games fund grant by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection. 



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