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Unearthing the Craft Behind Below the Stone

Welcome to another episode of The Gamerheads Podcast! Embark on a pixel-perfect mining expedition with Mike and Andrew from Strollart Studios as we delve deep into the bedrock of their gaming passion and unearth the story behind their indie masterpiece, "Below the Stone." Digging into the golden days of Doom and classic NES games, our guests share the ore-inspiring moments that fueled their journey into the caverns of game development.

This episode drills down into the technical treasures and artistic excavations that define "Below the Stone." Tune in as we chip away at the details of crafting procedurally generated worlds, navigating the underground currents of Kickstarter campaigns, and witness how Mike and Andrew turn player critiques into the bedrock of game refinement.

Discover the thrill our guests experience when players dig into the immersive world they've unearthed, and the satisfaction in chiseling away at the complexities of game mechanics and the evolution of pixel art. We invite you to join the lively game community tunneling around "Below the Stone" and become a part of this mining expedition like no other.

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