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The Princess Guide Releases in March of 2019!

NIS America announced that The Princess Guide will release ion March 26th, 2019 for PS4 and Nintendo Switch in NA, March 29 for Europe, and April 5 for Australia and New Zealand!

The game revolves around four princesses from four different lands, fighting off the evils and chaos, and leading their people to victory.

Some of the key features are outlined in their recent press release:

A Unique Tale Times Four! - Each Princess Knight has a unique story to tell, and your choice affects how the tale unfolds! Will you train the vengeful Veronica, the gluttonous Liliartie, the chivalrous Monomaria, or the dragon princess Alpana?

Fast-Paced Strategic Battles - The battlefield can get intense! Issue orders to your princess directly on the battlefield, and watch them clash with the enemy forces! Their performance is directly affected by your tutelage!

To Praise or To Scold? - Your princess’s growth depends on you! During conversations and battles, “Praise” or “Scold” your princess to enhance their abilities on the battlefield!

Are you picking this game up? Let us know your thoughts below.



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