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The Nindie Focus Podcast: More Hades, Super Punch Patrol, Hotshot Racing, & Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

The Nindie Focus Podcast's entire cast is back.  Phil reviews Hotshot Racing and Celeste, Mike talks about Pocket Mini Golf and Super Punch Patrol and Jordan and Roger gush over Hades.  And Roger gives his first impressions on Rebel Galaxy Outlaw.

And in the Switching on a Budget section the crew reviews Death’s Hangover.

Time Stamps

3:13 - Hotshot Racing

4:58 - Celeste

8:36 - Pocket Mini Golf

10:25 - Super Punch Patrol 

12:46 - Hades

34:58 - Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

42:43 - Switching on a Budget Game: Death’s Hangover

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Komiku - Battle of Pogs

Komiku - First Dance


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