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The Nindie Focus Podcast: Hades, MO: Astray, Golf Zero, Inside and Flipping Death

The Nindie Focus podcast is back.  Mike took the week off and the rest of the crew does their best to fill his shoes. 


There are plenty of games to talk about in this episode.  Phil gives his thoughts on Golf Zero and Inside, Jordan talks about Mana Spark, Overlanders, and Hades, and Roger reviews Adventure of Pip, MO: Astray and Double Kick Heroes. 

And later in the episode, Phil tries to guess what Jordan is working on next, and is totally wrong.  This may be a weekly thing from now on.

And in the Switching on a Budget section the crew reviews Flipping Death.

Time Stamps

2:56 - Golf Zero

4:54 - Inside

7:43 - Mana Spark

9:35 - Overlanders

13:22 - Hades

19:27 - Adventure of Pip

26:51 - MO: Astray

32:39 - Double Kick Heroes

35:46 - Switching on a Budget: Flipping Death

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