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The Nindie Focus Podcast: CrossCode, Keen: One Girl Army Galaxy Champions TV, & The Gardens Between

In this week's episode of The Nindie Focus Podcast, Jordan and Roger give their thoughts on CrossCode, Mike talks about Galaxy Champions TV, Roger gives his takes on Keen: One Girl Army, and the crew review the game The Gardens Between in the Switching on a Budget section.

Roger also has a video game challenge where the crew needs to guess the name of a game based on synonyms of the title.  Play along as you listen!

Time Stamps:

2:00 - CrossCode

10:00 - Galaxy Champions TV

15:38 - Keen: One Girl Army

19:00 - Video Game Challenge - Name the Title

25:55 - Switching on a Budget - The Gardens Between

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Music by:

Komiku - Battle of Pogs

Komiku - First Dance



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