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Review: The Lost Light of Sisu

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

Out of This World

Title: The Lost Light of Sisu

Genre: Puzzle Platformer

Modes: Single-player

Developer: Solvarg

Publisher: Solvarg

Platform(s): Nintendo Switch(version played), Steam

Release: February 27, 2018 I'm not a big fan of video games that are ridiculously hard. I understand their appeal, especially for those who are very good at gaming and are looking for a challenge. I have also enjoyed some of those games myself, but my personal preference is to just relax and play a game for fun. Nothing against the mega hardcore players; it's just not normally my cup of tea. In my younger days I would have been all over the tough-as-nails games, but now I just prefer to slow things down a bit. But every now and again, I long for a play session of a game like N+ or Super Meat Boy.

This is where The Lost Light of Sisu comes in. It does a pretty good job of catering to both sides of that coin; it's a challenging 2D puzzle platformer, but it's also very forgiving – and VERY relaxing. It blends these two formulas into an enjoyable, ableit short, gaming experience.

The Last Light of Sisu doesn't really give you much of a story. And by much, I mean any. From what I could gather, you play as a square alien that visits worlds in an attempt to learn more about them. As you visit each of the 40 stages, you have to find a set number of gems before the mother ship will beam you back up. Each gem you find also upgrades your character for that level. These upgrades allow you to run faster, jump higher, or do a ground pound, and these are required to make your way to the next gem. Additionally, there is one hidden gem that only tried-and-true hardcore gamers can attempt to find . Finally, there are three boss battles that you need to complete to move on to the next level.

That's essentially it. There isn't a whole lot more to it other than that, and it can be completed in just a couple sittings. But it's about the journey and not the destination, right?

The Tip and the Top

There's definitely a lot to enjoy in The Lost Light of Sisu. What I enjoyed most is that while the game is very tough, there's really no way to die. Yes, there are hazards, but all they really do is push you out of the way and you have to try to navigate them again. The only really ways to die are during the boss battles, and you start over again pretty quickly so it doesn't get overly frustrating. The game also has some great physics and controls. You'll get a good grip on how the game plays pretty quickly, and any mistakes you make cannot be blamed on the design.

I also enjoyed both the graphics and the sound. The game is somewhat minimal and not varied, but effective nonetheless. You'll play in forest, ice and magma levels, and the boss battles have their own environments. The lighting adds a lot of personality to the levels, and the few levels that are almost pitch black except for the light you emit look amazing. There really isn't a lot of music in the game; just the ambient sounds of the environments. Again, it's minimalistic, but it's all good. I would also recommend playing this one with headphones on, as the sounds really do draw you in.

Your main character is absolutely adorable. Which is surprising, as it's just a square. But you do grow attached to it, and beating each level feels like an accomplishment. It's especially cute when you run and you hear the “pitter patter” of his little feet and he scuttles across the level. The Lost Light of Sisu is also a very chill game, and a great one to play just before bedtime. It's relaxing, and you won't feel overly stressed out while playing – even though it can get pretty challenging.

The Flip and the Flop

The Lost Light of Sisu is a fun game, but it does not come without its flaws. First, there's no real story. You just start off on the first planet, complete it, and move on. I was never made aware of the motivation behind my little alien friend, and only assumed what was going on. To that point, there was no ending either. Once I beat the final boss, I warped back to the first planet. I wasn't sure if there was anything else, but after selecting a few levels and moving around to the different planets, I realized that there wasn't anything else to do, aside from find all the hidden gems. Unfortunately, I wasn't sure which ones I still needed. So there was a bit missing from the game that would have given it more of a “complete” feel.

And the game is rather short, which is really a bummer. I was able to complete it in just a few hours, and there wasn't much reason to go back to it after it was over. But given the price is $9.99, it makes a bit more sense.

Final Grade: B

The Lost Light of Sisu is an enjoyable game. The relaxing gameplay, chill sounds, and cute characters make this worth a pickup if you are just looking for something to play in short bursts. You aren't getting any epic stories or anything; just an unwinding, fun experience. If you're looking for a quick pick-up-and-play title, then it's worth finding this lost light.



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