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The Gamerheads Podcast: Fenyx Rising, NFP Hot Pursuit Remastered, Summerland, and AC: Valhalla

On this episode of Gamerheads Tim, Matt, Phil, and Christian are all back to talk about frivolous video game purchases by listing out all the things they’d buy with an obligation-free $600 check. Speaking of frivolous, the crew also kick off the new year by talking about plenty of games. Tim continues to ram his way through Hot Pursuit Remastered, Matt sweetly serenades the merits of Summerland, Phil starts flying through Fenyx Rising, and Christian confronts the time he’s spent getting the Assassin’s Creed Valhalla platinum trophy. Check out the website:

Music by:

Komiku - Escaping the Collapsing Universe

Komiku - Run Against the Universe Scandinavianz - Rocky Mountains



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