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The GamerHeads Podcast: Bloodroots, Starlink, Splitgate, and Button City

Welcome to another episode of The GamerHeads Podcast! This week, talk are talking about a lot of games, including Bloodroots, Splitgate, Button City, and much more! Before we get into the games we are playing, Ed asks the question: "What is your favorite esport? And if you don't watch esports, why not?" Let us know your thoughts on the subject as well! Time Stamps: 6:35 - Icebreaker - What is your favorite esport? And if you don’t watch esports, why not? 20:41 - Games we are currently playing including

  • The Sims 4

  • WWE Battleground

  • Maneater

  • Rocket League

  • Bloodroots

  • Splitgate

  • Flight Simulator

  • Starlink: Battle for Atlas

  • Button City

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30 août 2021

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