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The Dialog Tree: Interview with Antler Studios, Creators of Project Grove

In this episode of The Dialog Tree, Roger interviews Tom, Harry, and Emily from Antler Studios, the creators of Project Grove, which is now in Kickstarter.

Project Grove is a 3D puzzle-platformer unravelling the tale of a legendary alchemist and their plucky robot companion on a quest to save humanity from a deadly disease. Navigate dangerous terrain, collect and experiment with exotic flora to discover magical abilities, then use them to augment your surroundings and solve a series of non-linear puzzles depending on the loadout you choose.

Steam-powered technology has given rise to unprecedented feats of alchemy. During this great prosperity, an epidemic called “The Great Rot” has hit the Empire. Potentium, a robotics company, proposes a location for a cure: Dacrima, the rumoured birthplace of magic and its mythical Grove.

You can support Project Grove through the Kickstarter here:



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