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Solo-developed Artist Sim SuchArt that just hit Steam Top Selling takes part in PAX Online

Publisher HypeTrain Digital and developer Voolgi are glad to share that SuchArt: Genius Artist Simulator, released in Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store yesterday, got into the Steam top-sellers list and was warmly received by players: 98% of the Steam reviews are positive. SuchArt costs $19.99, but everyone can get it with a 10% discount during the first week after the release.

SuchArt is being made by Vincent “Voolgi” Delannoy, a solo developer from France, who has been working on the game for the past 3 years.

SuchArt is a first-person story-driven artist sim with realistic physics, color blending, and management of your own space studio.

You are a genius artist living in the year 2130. Make the best of the space studio you own. Create art with a large variety of tools, share your works with the world, sell them and get famous. Let your imagination run wild and create the art of your dreams — virtual painting has never felt so realistic ever before!

Key Features:

  • REALISTIC PAINTING. Painting in SuchArt feels just like in real life, but without the downsides. The colors mix as you would naturally expect them to, so you can easily achieve the result you dreamed about. The paint has realistic texture, and each instrument alters it a bit with different strokes. There’s plenty of instruments to choose from: brushes, palette knives, stencils or even flamethrowers to create your next masterpiece.

  • SELL AND EXPOSE YOUR ART. Sell your paintings at the marketplace, fulfill all your clients' orders, and receive a generous reward, or maybe a gift! Or maybe some exposure, the best of all currencies out there. Don't forget that you can exhibit your amazing art and see what critics have to say about it.

  • UPGRADE AND DESIGN YOUR STUDIO. Not satisfied with the initial look and/or functionality of your studio? That’s okay, because you can always unlock new rooms, buy some furniture and decorations, and place those however and wherever you want — make yourself at home! Wait, what do you mean you don’t have enough money?!

  • PAINT EVERYWHERE. Turn the world around you into a huge canvas and do whatever you please with it — add some red to that gloomy wall, spill paint on the floor and call it abstract expressionism, or start a collection of alphabet paintings from A to Z: this place is yours after all! Wait, how did you mess up your studio that much that fast?

  • PICK YOUR SIDE. They say down on Earth the robots are revolting and the Crabuxes covet the planet’s saltwater. But surely that’s none of your business. Or, is it?



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