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See "I Am Fish" and More from Curve Digital at DreamHack Beyond July 24-31, 2021

Curve Digital is about to go wild this week at the all-digital, at-home, interactive experience, DreamHack Beyond, from July 24-31, 2021. The week-long event will feature themed worlds, 20+ festival halls, game demos, hourly tournaments (including Hearthstone and Rocket League), the first DreamHack Battle of the Bands, cosplay competitions, panels, screenings, speedrunning, tabletop competitions and more. DreamHack Beyond is free, and registration is available at Festival-goers can stop by Curve Digital’s virtual game cabinets to learn more about their games and have the chance to win huge prizes.

Special to DreamHack Beyond is the I Am Fish demo from Bossa Studios, which will include a digital artbook and desktop wallpaper from the event onward, plus a unique competition available to participants who download the demo. As if that’s not enough, a unique NPC will be wandering the halls distributing hundreds of game keys, including some rare Golden Ticket keys granting the winners all of Curve Digital’s games released on Steam until January 2022!

The complete list of titles on display at DreamHack Beyond include:

  • The Ascent

  • Just Die Already

  • I Am Fish

  • For The King

  • Lawn Mowing Simulator

“We’ve been interested in digital events with interactive environments for a long time now,” said James Gourlay, director of digital strategy at Curve Digital. “So, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do something fun with DreamHack Beyond from the safe confines of our homes. We hope people stop by, download the I Am Fish demo, and check out all of the other games that will be on display!”

Curve Digital will be at DreamHack Beyond every day from July 24-31, 2021. Attendance is free. Learn more and sign up here: DreamHack Beyond media assets are available HERE; In-game footage is available HERE; The full DreamHack Beyond trailer is available HERE.

I Am Fish will launch in Q3 2021 on Windows PC and Xbox. Steam users can add I Am Fish to their wishlist to stay updated on the latest fishy news. Follow I Am Fish on Twitter for the latest updates, fish puns, and more.



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