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Review: Venture Kid

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Title: Venture Kid

Genre: Action/Platformer

Modes: Single player

Developer: FDG Entertainment, Snikkabo

Publisher: FDG Entertainment

Platform(s): Switch (Reviewed), PC

Release: May 2, 2019

Andy and his friend are out and about collecting orbs, when suddenly a factory Explodes. Turns out that it’s that darned Teklov in his space fortress testing out a peacekeeping weapon. It’s up to Andy to make his way up to the space fortress and stop Teklov from making too much peace in this Action/Platform adventure from Snikkabo.

The Tip and the Top

Venture Kid is a good homage to old school 8-bit action platformers hitting all the right notes along the way. If you lived in the 80’s and played video games, you’ll find something to enjoy here. It makes no qualms about it’s almost blatant ripoff of Mega Man. That’s not a bad thing. It feels almost identical to it, and plays just like it too.

The controls feel all too natural to someone who has played this style of game before. No confusing button combos or tricky movesets. Simple three button controls and tight gameplay are a thing of joy.

The music is right out of the 80’s as well. Those wonderful Midi songs blaring through your speakers take you back to a simpler time.

There are seven stages which are all in a unique environment and end in a boss battle. The stages are pretty straightforward with only small bits of side exploration needed to acquire the hidden trophy in each of the levels. After defeating the boss, you are rewarded with a new weapon that you can (limitedly) use in the upcoming levels. I say limitedly, due to needed to collect power that gets expended after each time you use the weapon.

The Flip and the Flop

While this game is a whole lot of fun, it is short. Sure there are seven stages, but most can be completed in under 10 minutes. My first play though of it took just over an hour.

Another shortcoming of Venture Kid is the difficulty level. The only real problem is that occasionally there is a jump that needs to be just right. Most of the bosses are easy enough that you should be able to get them on your third attempt at the most. The game is very very easy, which could be seen as a good thing if you’re just looking for a quick game to beat or are just getting in to the genre.

The limitations on the ammo for the special weapons make sense, but the energy for all of them are tied together. If you use six shots with your boomerang, your double jump is now depleted as well.

The enemies are very forgettable and not much makes them stand out. Each stage has maybe five different types of enemies and some are repeated just as a different color on a different stage.

Final Grade: B

For as much enjoyment as there was in the Venture Kid, the length of it as well as the tied together ammo prevented me from giving it a higher score. I still recommend giving it a play if you are a fan of the classic 8-bit game as there is a lot of fun within the rock solid controls.

Review copy provided by FDG Entertainment



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