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Review: Sisters Royale: Sisters Under Fire

Sisters Royale is a shoot'em up that just arrived on the Xbox One, but has also been released on the Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4 prior to the Xbox One release. The game revolves around five sisters, who as prophecy has foretold, would bring order and defeat the demon king...unfortunately the prophecy was a bit off. Instead of coming together to defeat the demon king, the five sisters squabbled over the love of a man.

And that's how the game begins. As you play through the game, you learn more about each of the sisters, and the arguments that they have with each other. You start by picking one of the sisters. Every sister will have the same basic set up, shooting mechanic, a bomb mechanic (which are limited) and a special attack. The way the mechanics function for each sister is different and will drive the way you play the game (or even which sister to choose from).

The first difference is the special attack. The special attack for some sisters are more powerful (and much easier to beat the game) than other sisters. You'll want to explore each character, but it's hard not to select Sonay, as her special ability is to create a creature that attacks things on site. This creature makes navigating the bullets much more easy, as the creature hones in on the enemies, without you doing any work (outside of conjuring it).

Each sister's bombs are also different, but each are equally as powerful, so there's not real advantage in selecting a specific sister in this case

The game starts off by looking like an anime cartoon. However, that's just the artwork of the character cut scenes. In the actual game play, your character looks more chibi in style. The game is a shoot'em up, however, instead of flying over land, your character walks on the ground. It's not a bad design choice, just a different design choice.

Another aspect that stands out is the fact that the game looks like an arcade game, especially with all the coins that scatter everywhere after you beat an enemy. The colorful graphics also play into the arcade look and feel.

Final Grade: B+

Sisters Royale has a much more arcade feel to it than other shoot'em ups. The quirky characters to choose from along with the comical dialog rounds out the characters in the game. And because each of the sisters' ability isn't evenly balanced in regards to their special abilities, you might find yourself consistently pick the same character.

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