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Review: Riverbond

As a parent, it isn't always easy to find a game that is fun, age appropriate, and co-op where the whole family can play. Sure there is Mario Party, but even so, my kids' competitive spirit gets in the way (even if we are playing co-op). Thank goodness for Riverbond, as the action adventure game provides all those aspects, and allows you to play up to four players co-op.

The game is fun for both kids and adults. It's an action adventure game, with RPG elements that will delight both young and older gamers. As you adventure through the game, you pick up different weapons, some are hack and slash weapons and others are ranged weapons. And you'll need to use the different weapons for different scenarios, the sword for cutting down objects and enemies in your way, and the ranged weapons to shoot a target to lower a drawbridge or to hit your enemies from afar.

You'll get quests from different cute voxel characters as you progress through the game. The game is linear, so you won't have lots of different quests open at the same time; I liked this approach to the game, as this will introduce kids to the concept of quests, but not inundate them with too much to do. You'll also find treasure chests along the way that will give you gear or different character skins. The different gear and weapons you get are also cute and fun for kids. For instance, you might pick up a Popsicle sword or a lollipop sword. And as far as I can tell, the gear that you pick up in the chests isn't always the same, even in subsequent play-throughs.

As mentioned earlier, the Riverbond is an age appropriate game, and I had no concerns with my two young kids, both under the age of ten, playing this game. The controls are simple enough for kids to pick up as well. The world is a voxelated setting, and there is no blood or gore in this game, the voxels explode when you hit an object or an enemy.

The other aspect I really love about Riverbond is that it's a great way to introduce children to action RPG games. Riverbond isn't punishing so you don't have to worry so much about kids getting too frustrated with the game. There are also puzzle solving aspects in the game as well, although not complicated, but will help teach kids how to think through different situations.

There are several different bosses in the game and these can provide a bit more challenging for younger kids. But playing co-op will make these a bit easier. That's the beauty of the game, the ability to play an action adventure with your kids and seeing their enjoyment as you help them beat the boss.

Final Grade: A-

If you're looking for a challenging dungeon crawler, Riverbond isn't going to be for you, but you have plenty of other options out there. For parents that are looking for a game that will introduce their kids to an action adventure game with RPG elements and are looking for a game that isn't violent, Riverbond is a perfect match. And the fact that it's four player couch co-op allows for the entire family to sit down and enjoy the experience together.

The Tip and The Top:

  • Fun, action adventure that's a great introduction for kids to the genre

  • Age appropriate game that is cute

  • Couch co-op allows for the entire family to enjoy the game

The Flip and The Flop:

  • Not terribly challenging

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