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Review: Infliction: Extended Cut

Telling a good horror story is difficult to do, creating a good horror video game is even more difficult and that is what developer Caustic Reality set out to do. The one person developer put out this tale of what went awry in a suburban house. This game has taken little bits of all of the great horror games and combined elements of them all.

Infliction: Extended Cut is a puzzle driven story of exploring a house and the tragic events that unfolded in it. It is a dark tale of abuse, addiction, and a family torn apart. The game starts out innocently enough as you must go back to the house to find the plane ticket your wife accidentally left at home as you dropped her off at the airport. The story starts to unfold as you pick up clues around the house looking for the tickets. When you find the tickets is when the darkness creeps in and the game substantially turns.

The house continually transforms as you learn more and more about what really happened and finding all of the pieces to put the story together. You're doing all of this while on the run from a relentless female spirit that is hunting you down. Every time that you are caught by her, you reawaken in a different part of the house that has been transformed yet a little bit more. You have no chance of destroying her, but can stun her with the flash on your camera. Using the camera also reveals different clues throughout the house. The intensity level is there as you're continually running from her and unlocking the secrets of what really happened. Many of the items in the house are interactive and provide yet a little more insight. Some of the items are needed to unlock other sections of the house.

Occasionally as you search the house, it will transform in to a different location. This not only changes the vibe of the game, but then will introduce other aspects to the story and other antagonists as well as you attempt to right your wrongs from your past. The gore factor does creep in as you are in these new locations.

Final Score: B-

All in all Infliction: Final Cut provides an intense, spooky atmosphere that will leave you on edge. The story is told in a way that will make you want to see it all the way through to the end. Some times the graphics get a little bit rough up close, and there are far too many interactive objects that have no use or value. Occasionally the frame rate drops, but it doesn't ruin the playing experience.



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