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Review: Galak-Z: The Void

Title: Galak-Z: The Void

Genre: Action, Shooter, Shoot-'Em-Up, Vertical

Modes: Single Player

Developer: Golem Consulting

Platform(s): PC, PS4, Switch (reviewed)

Release: March 26, 2019

Having absolutely loved GALAK-Z: Variant S on Nintendo Switch - a game that people criticized for being a free-to-play mobile port - I was shocked and delighted to see GALAK-Z: The Void make its way to the Switch.

The game has you play as A-Tak, a pilot that is picked up by a bunch of rebels that are at war with the evil empire. Unlike the free-to-play port, this game is a fully-fledged story driven game where progress is not achieved by grinding (or buying loot boxes) but rather through story progression.

The Tip and The Top

The first thing that stands out in this game compared to the previous entry on the Switch is the voice acting. It’s fantastic and adds a lot to the game, giving the characters an anime feel that wasn’t present in the previous entry. The story is interesting, the characters are something straight out of Robotech, and the writing and voice acting bring the characters to life. It’s hard not to fall in love with the characters and care about them as a result.

The artwork really pops on the Switch’s screen. The loading screens and transitions back to the gameplay are great, and they add to the game’s anime feel. It looks simple, but that’s the beauty behind the littlest things - the solid art direction adds a lot to the game.

The game does a nice job with getting you used to the controls as well. For those of you that played the previous game on the Switch, the controls are the same and you’ll be able to pick up right where you left off. For those that haven’t played the previous entry, the game does a nice job walking you through a basic tutorial while incorporating that tutorial into the overall story.

The game offers two modes: the Rogue mode and the Arcade mode. The Rogue mode is the more difficult of the two - when you die, you are brought back to the first episode of the season that you are on. For those of you that are sadists, the Arcade mode brings you back to the beginning of the episode you are currently on. And you are going to die a lot. It’s great how they incorporated both modes in this game.

The Flip and The Flop

There are two things that will cause frustrations amongst players - the control schemes and the difficulty. Play a few rounds, and don’t get discouraged. This is a rogue-like so death is to be expected.

Final Grade: A-

While Galak Z: Variant S gave us a taste of the world of Galak Z, The Void was created for those that wanted to get a full course meal of what the franchise has to offer. From the anime feel to the difficult challenge, this is a game for those of you that are looking for a hardcore game that has heavy 80's inspiration. It feels right at home on the Switch.

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