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Review: Event Horizon: Space Defense

Taking it's inspiration from arcade games like Asteroids and RPGs, Event Horizon: Space Defense should be a perfect fit for my taste in games. And while there are some interesting features, there just isn't enough to keep me interested in the game. The game lacks any depth and story, which makes for a boring grind in the emptiness of space.

Event Horizon: Space Defense is apparently set in the Event Horizon universe, but you'd never know it, with the lack of story. You control a spaceship with one goal, to protect the space station. The game plays a lot like Asteroids. You use a joystick to control the ship around and the shoulder button to shoot your weapons. And the threat that you are facing are other spaceships, set out to destroy your space station. Well, that's the premise anyway, however, the AI is pretty dumb, you'll never feel that your station is ever really under any threat.

The game does do some neat things. First, there is a lot of customization that you can do to your ship and to the space station. You can add new weapons, shields, or energy sources. Some of these things you'll salvage from the destroyed enemies. You can also purchase the items from merchants that fly by in between levels.

You can also purchase new ships and hire pilots for your newly purchased ships. Again, this is something that happens in between levels. Both the pilots and ships also increase in rank as you go through the levels.

The game is played through a map, and each level will have several sub levels within them. The problem is that there isn't anything different between each level. The background looks the same in each level and while the enemy ships look different, the game play is the same - protect your base from really dumb AI. Most times, the enemies won't even get close to your base. The game is too repetitive and it's not fun. It's a boring slog through each level, as you pray for something to be different to happen in the next level.

To be fair, there are Duels, where you can take on a new class of enemy ships. If you win the duel, you get to keep the ship. This is one of the saving graces of the game. But these Duels aren't enough to keep your interest in the game.

Final Grade: D

Event Horizon: Space Defense is a grind with nothing to really to look forward to in your progression. If you are a fan of arcade games like Asteroids, you may find the game enjoyable for a little while, but after a few levels, you'll find this game to be just empty, void of any soul or any story.

The Tip and The Top:

  • Arcade shooter with RPG elements

The Flip and The Flop:

  • Repetitive levels with no story

  • Terrible AI

  • Not able to keep your interest



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