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Real Mini: Interview with Conner Rush of FYRE Games

This week Karrington is interviewing a dev who is only 18!!! Conner Rush from FYRE games. The crew met him at the West Virginia Game Developer Conference back in 2018. Conner left a huge impression on the guys and reviewed his game "Welcome to the Dreamscape". Conner is prepping for his new game "Summerland" and it sounds like quite the game!   

"Summerland is an upcoming first-person narrative video game about morality and the afterlife directed by Conner Rush and developed by FYRE Games.  It tells the tale of Matthew, an ill detective in over his head who's desperate to protect what's most important to him." from the trailer which you can find here  

All media and footage for "Summerland" was used with permission from Conner Rush. 

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