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Ray’s The Dead Bites PS4 NA and PC Today, PS4 EU Oct 29th!

Ray’s The Dead, the dark comedy, zombie action adventure filled with ‘80s nostalgia from Ragtag Studio, brings an undead army to PlayStation 4 and Steam for PC today in North America. The doors to the afterlife will open for European PlayStation 4 owners on 29 Oct. and on Nintendo Switch in 2021. Ray’s the Dead will be playable on PlayStation 5 Day One via backwards compatibility.

A confused Ray LaMorte wakes up in a cemetery as a newly turned zombie. Dig up the truth behind Ray’s death alongside a horde of fellow zombies. Command minions to wage war against ridiculous enemies, smash obstacles, solve puzzles, burrow to secret areas, and more in strategic action gameplay inspired by Overlord and Pikmin.

Send the undead into spooky, nostalgic settings like ‘80s suburbia, howling forests, and overgrown graveyards. Shamble to a groovy synthwave soundtrack composed by Jake Kaufman (Shovel Knight) and Dale North (Dreamscaper, Wizard of Legend). Lead the zombie army in battle against Soviet tanks, a tricked out monster truck, mystical old man, and other ridiculous bosses. Explore flashbacks from Ray's childhood and young adult life, restoring his memories to unlock new zombie powers.

With each peek into the past, what led to Ray’s demise comes into focus alongside the one thing he needs most: redemption. A turbulent yet touching adventure about rediscovering and forgiving oneself, Ray’s The Dead reflects on choice, consequence, and how it’s never too late to make things right.

“Zombies aren’t known for their land speed, but when they arrive, they bring the time of your afterlife,” said Shawn Halwes, technical director. “Smash some stuff and eat some brains, but beneath the rotting surface, we think you’ll find an underlying message about seizing your second chance.”

Ray’s The Dead launches today for $19.99 USD on PlayStation 4 in North America and Steam for PC. A PlayStation 4 release in Europe will follow on 29 Oct. before zombies rise on Nintendo Switch in 2021.



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