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Plunder Panic is headed to PC in September and consoles next year

Plunder Panic, the 6v6 pirate-themed multiplayer arcade title from Will Winn Games — an independent developer founded by Michigan State University (MSU) faculty, students, and alumni — is headed to PC on September 17, 2021 and consoles in early 2022. Today, we’ll introduce burgeoning buccaneers to the game’s various multipira… multiplayer modes and the vast selection of gameplay modify-arrs designed to keep players on their toes — or pegs.

Whether you prefer a rusty cutlass for up close action or a pre-loaded blunderbuss, Plunder Panic has options for days to keep the battles fresh, chaotic, and chock-full of exciting, high-seas (online and local) combat!

Taking inspiration from classic 8- and 16-bit games from the lawless days of years gone by, Plunder Panic pits two teams of up to six players against each other in quick, round-based matches filled to the brim with marauder mayhem. Of course, a pirate does enjoy variety — whether that be weapons or the latest in Monmouth hat fashion — so the team at Will Winn Games have included enough gameplay modes, modify-arrs, and items to fill the hold of the largest pirate frigate. But rather than forcing digital deckswabs to decode a hastily drawn calfskin map, we’ve decided to list them in an easy to read digital format (for the handful of pirates that can actually read, of course).

The following game modes and modifiers are listed in full, with some to be added across the game’s Early Access period (not all will be available launch day).

Game Modes:

  • Free Play: The first crew to complete any victory condition wins the match.

  • Tournament: Choose between a best of 3, 5, 7 or 9 matches. The first crew to complete any victory condition wins a match.

  • Conquest Tournament: The first crew to complete any victory condition wins the match, but crews must complete 3 out of 4 victory conditions in order to win the Tournament.

  • AI Crews: Crews can be filled out with AI players to meet any crew size requirement. Available offline and online.

  • Ranked/Unranked Play: AI Crews are not available in Ranked play. For online modes only.

  • Captain vs Captain: 1 vs 1 mode putting Captain against Captain.

  • Small/Medium/Full Crew Matchmaking: 6-8 total players, 10-12 total players, and full 12 player rosters.

  • Private Lobbies: Fully customizable games with both friend invite or room code options.


  • Random Captains: A new Captain is randomly chosen before each round starts.

  • Mutiny: No Captains on either ship. The Captain victory condition is unavailable.

  • Armed & Dangerous: No captains on either ship, but each player gets a sword and a Captain’s hat. The Captain victory condition is unavailable.

  • Skyrates: Every player has an infinite pair of Seagull Wings.

  • Friendly Fire: Swords and weapons can harm a player’s own crew.

  • Always Random Items: Randomize the items and drop rates every round.

All together, Plunder Panic’s various options offer hundreds of multiplayer gameplay combinations. But that’s not all. The panic only escalates as a bevy of chaotic weapons, enchanted items, and power-ups that can be wielded drop into matches. Plundering pirates can choose from a true bounty of weapons, from classics like the blunderbuss and Molotov cocktails to sticks of dynamite, while items such as rum barrels offer stat-boosts and magical idols summon dangerous environmental attacks. HARK, you can even trap yer opponents in nets or douse them in squid ink. Only the scurviest dogs will prevail once the action starts!

Plunder Panic releases on Steam in Early Access for PC on September 17, 2021 — just in time for National Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19 — and can be wishlisted today at The game will also release on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch in Q1 2022.

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