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Northgard’s Squirrel Clan Cooks Up a New Battle Plan Today

Northgard, the Viking strategy game with more than two million copies sold from developer Shiro Games, welcomes the Squirrel Clan to its roster today.

Adept cooks and forward-looking gatherers, the Squirrel Clan excel at preparation and striking at opportune moments. Led by the War Chief Cook Andhrímnir and guided by the totem Ratatosk, Northgard’s newcomers always keep foes on their toes.

All civilian clan members can gather specific ingredients, which can be used with the Stove, a clan-specific resource replacing the Brewery, to create extraordinary meals.

Meals bestow potent bonuses to the Squirrel Clan along with any allied teams, and Andhrímnir’s seasoned abilities allow for mouth-wateringly good creations.

Earn boons and add to the clan’s bountiful feasts by carefully stockpiling resources. Every item squirreled away bestows benefits, allowing the clan to accumulate power and buffs before the din of battle.

Enter the fray when Ratatosk deems fit. The four-legged totem animal is a master of manipulation specializing in crafting plans that put the Squirrel Clan at a surprising advantage.

The Squirrel Clan is now available in Northgard for $4.99 on PC via Steam. For more information about Northgard, please visit the official website.

Shiro Games’ catalog will be featured in a Steam Publisher Week Sale from May 21-24, offering discounts on Northgard, Darksburg, and the Evoland series.

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