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Review: Mini Motorways

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

Publisher: Dinosaur Polo Club

Developer: Dinosaur Polo Club

Release: Jul 20, 2021

Reviewed on: Steam

Also available for: Apple Arcade

This is a great casual endless simulator game. The graphics are well polished and modern paired with minimalist UI. It just makes me want to play it just for the sheer cleanness. Another great addition to this game is the color modes, this isn’t just for colorblindness, but also has night and day modes. The game reminds me of a minimalist version of the traffic challenges in Cities: Skyline. I do realize this has a prequel, Mini Metro, but I have not played it. For just $10 on Steam, it’s worth it and more.

This game is an endless simulator. The objective is to use roads to connect homes to businesses that are the same color. The game ends when one of the businesses doesn’t get enough traffic to it in time. Each level starts with a few houses and a business. As time goes along, your birds-eye view slowly zooms out allowing for more space for homes and businesses to appear. Before you know it there are traffic jams and great distances between houses and businesses they are associated with. Each week that you survive you get rewards to help you survive the next round, this includes additional roads, bridges, roundabouts, or highways.

There is plenty of replayability. Each time you play the same location everything is randomized including start location, rewards, and layout of homes and businesses. They also have daily and weekly challenges to keep you competing with the community.

I have had a few glitches with roads with extra tails that can’t be without deleting other parts of the road. But this is minor when it comes to the overall game. The only thing I would like is better touch screen support (on Steam). This game has such a casual feel, that I want to lounge back and play it on a tablet. Don’t get me wrong, it is definitely playable on a touchscreen but it gets hard to press on details when the level gets large. Maybe adding a zoom feature for touch screens. The other issue is toggling between creating and deleting is tedious. I find myself doing both constantly but will forget what I am on and end up creating a bunch of roads or deleting a major intersection.

Final grade: B+

My overall grade is a B+. This game is so well polished. This game has some serious replayability. The touch screen support and the road glitches are so minor to this overall game.



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