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May Picks, Relaxing Escapes, and Cybersecurity Woes

Welcome to another episode of The Gamerheads Podcast! Mike's back, spinning yarns of faux incarceration and a whimsical rendition of Les Mis.

Gaming isn't just our passion; it's our sanctuary. Phil, Mike, and Roger get candid about the games that melt away the day's stress, from the strategic pitches of MLB The Show to the enchanting visuals of Tetris Effect in VR.

But life isn't all fun and games, as we recount a cyber nightmare that rattled our digital serenity. Our tale of hacked accounts and the quest for recovery is more than a story—it's an urgent reminder of the invisible front lines we all navigate in the digital age.

Pop culture buffs, we've got a treat for you too. Ever pondered the curious link between Garfield's voice and a certain Ghostbuster? We've got those surprising voice-acting connections ready to amaze.

And for those hungry for our latest game critiques, we're serving them up with no holds barred. From the tricky thrusters of Lunar Lander Beyond levels to the animated missteps of a certain Ninja Turtle escapade, we've got recommendations and cautionary tales that will guide your next gaming pick. So, hit play, and let's go!

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