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Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers Preview - A Pokemon-Inspired Deck Builder That Holds Its Own

Platform previewed: Steam

I can't believe I haven't come across a game like Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers before. As a big fan of deck builders, I was pleasantly surprised by how it draws inspiration from the beloved card game Pokemon. However, Kadomon manages to establish its own unique identity. And after playing the preview, I found myself entertained and eagerly anticipating the full release.

What immediately caught my attention was the artwork of Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers.

Unlike some Pokemon creatures that I find absurd and ridiculous, all the monsters in Kadomon were sleek and polished without excessive design. I loved how the characters almost resembled stickers, and the vibrant and lively artwork truly stood out.

I made the mistake of diving straight into the game without going through the tutorial. I thought it would be similar to other deck builders I've played before, but I was wrong. My first attempt ended in disaster, and I didn't enjoy my initial experience. Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers is an auto battler game where you assemble a team and watch them battle enemies. After my initial failure, I felt I had little control over the action. However, I swallowed my pride and went through the tutorial to discover what I was missing. In my second attempt, I completed the entire level and even defeated the boss at the end of the preview.

Although Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers gets its name from the main mechanic of auto battles, I learned through the tutorial that there are actually many ways to influence the outcomes of these battles. One of the easiest ways is to understand the different types of Kadomon: Fire, Grass, Water, and other elements. Much like a Pokemon game, the first thing to do is to select your starter Kadomon. I usually choose fire-type Pokemon, and my Kadomon selection aligned with that preference.

In Kadomon, the placement of your party is crucial, as it depends on each Kadomon's attacks and special abilities. During my initial playthrough, I neglected the importance of party placement and haphazardly positioned my characters. Consequently, all my Kadomons suffered tragic fates due to my careless mistake. However, in my second attempt, I made a conscious effort to consider party placement, and as a result, I made it to the boss and defeated Queenstruction.

Items play an important role in success and providing the most suitable ones for your individual Kadomon is the key to victory. Throughout my gameplay experience, I had access to a wide variety of items. Apart from items, another crucial aspect is the ability to level up your Kadomon, which results in their evolution into a new form. Fans of Pokemon will be familiar with both of these features.

Like other deck builders, the game progresses by choosing a path, each with symbols representing the types of Kadomon in that region. Players earn rewards such as items, currency, and new Kadomon by defeating enemies in these areas. One unique feature is the cool-down mechanic, which restricts the number of special items received at the end of a battle.

One thing I did notice was that most of the random encounters on the board were repetitive. However, I attribute this to the fact that it is just a preview, and I anticipate a wide variety of random encounters in the complete release.

I absolutely adore Kadomon: Hyper Auto Battlers for its laid-back vibes. One of my favorite aspects is crafting the ultimate party and witnessing my strategy come to life. Despite the fact that the preview was short, I had a blast playing and eagerly anticipate the full release.

Preview copy provided by 71.


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