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Joystick Ventures Features World Premieres, New Trailers at Guerilla Collective

Joystick Ventures, a premier supporter of indies, walks viewers through an arcade brewing with their upcoming titles during the Guerilla Collective annual summer showcase, including a dedicated Joystick Arcade segment.

Below are the games highlighted in the segment.

Chicken Police: Into the HIVE!

Chicken Police: Into the HIVE! is a character-driven, film noir detective adventure from The Wild Gentleman, uncovers skin-crawling truths on PC this Q3/Q4 2024. Ruffle feathers as Sonny and Marty, the Wilderness’ toughest detectives, as they solve devious mysteries in a tale of murder, betrayal, and conspiracies.

Big Boy Boxing

Big Boy Boxing, the energetic boss rush game developed by Soupmasters, enters the ring with a brand new trailer ahead of its Q4 2024 launch on PC via Steam. With the help of Coach Hank, sucker punch an ensemble of hard-headed boxers in a quest to become the biggest champion.

Hell of an Office

Hell of an Office, a satanic speedrunning first-person platformer from developer 43 Studios, clocks into its latest shift on PC via Steam Early Access with a brand-new animated trailer. As the latest employee in HellO, speedrun through a corporate underworld with reality-bending physics across 100 demonic levels before Satan has a word with HR.

Enter the Chronosphere

Enter the Chronosphere, a psychedelic turn-based bullet hell roguelike developed by Effort Star, debuts a new gameplay trailer during the publisher spotlight. Assemble a ragtag crew of alien misfits to survive turn-based skirmishes against pesky foes. Equip new load-outs, develop new strategies, and combine intergalactic abilities to create out-of-this-world mayhem. Watch the latest trailer below.

Toy Tactic

Toy Tactics, a family-friendly, physics-based RTS encompassing the history of warfare in toy form from developer Kraken Empire, checks out with a brand new trailer today. It’s all out toy-fare in an RTS featuring dozens of miniatures to collect, spells to master, and challenging boss fights to overcome.


StarVaders, a fusion of deckbuilding roguelikes and grid-based tactics from developer StarVaders Studio, shoots for the stars with a brand new trailer ahead of its Q2 2025 launch on PC. Outsmart waves of alien foes in grid-based shoot em’ up combat, collect an arsenal of cards, and overcome impossible odds against brutal boss fights.


Build a thriving community aboard landships in Trailblazers: Into the March from developer Strangers, the latest title in Joystick Ventures’ lineup. Customize and upgrade ships, recruit crew members, and take on contracts to explore uncharted territories.


ANTONBLAST, the fast-paced explosive action platformer all about destruction from developer Summitsphere, premiered its new animated trailer as part of an individual Guerrilla Collective premiere. Play a demo today on Steam and Nintendo Switch ahead of launch on Thursday, Nov. 12, 2024.

Guerilla Collective also featured the world premiere forWILD Tactics, the turn-based strategy game set in the World of Wilderness popularized byChicken Police.


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