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Inside the Creation of Isles of Sea and Sky with Cicada Games' Jason Newman

Welcome to another episode of The Gamerheads Podcast. Ever been enchanted by the elegant dance of design and storytelling in gaming? Jason Newman of Cicada Games takes us through the creation of Isles of Sea and Sky, an open-world puzzle adventure that's as captivating as it is challenging. From his NES-fueled childhood to clinching a finalist spot for Excellence in Design at the 2024 Independent Games Festival, Jason's journey unfolds like a blueprint for indie game success.

We talk about the delicate art of puzzle-making—how do you craft a game that hooks both puzzle experts and newcomers? Jason discusses his approach, the team's focus on intriguing designs, and the importance of playtesting. The game's environmental storytelling and mythology also take the spotlight, where players unravel the narrative through exploration and interpretation, a method that fuels fan theories and solidifies community bonds.

It's clear that the dedication of indie developers like Jason is a testament to the vibrant, ever-evolving gaming landscape. Be sure to wishlist Isles of Sea and Sky and follow Cicada Games online.

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